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What is the title of this book intended to signify, what connotations is the adjective "Postmodern" meant to carry? A potential reader will surely pose this question.
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Deconstructing sport history : A postmodern analysis

This conception follows from a view that portrays culture in terms analogous to a functional or organic system. This representation is not unique to consumer research. Rather, it has been the predominant model of culture within the modernist tradition of social science research Hannerz ; Kahn This session presented an alternative model of consumer culture grounded in a postmodern world-view. From this perspective, modernist theories are predisposed to interpret cultures as functionally integrated and internally consistent systems and conversely, to overlook their paradoxical and hybrid qualities Hannerz ; Luke A postmodernist reading offers a critical rethinking of many now classic sociological analysis and assumptions about specific socio-cultural orders and, more broadly, the nature of modernism itself Hannerz In so doing, postmodernist theory brings to the fore heterogenous aspects of cultural life that have been discounted by the Durkheimian and Weberian views of culture Weinstein and Weinstein These revisionist accounts are aligned more closely with the once marginalized works of Simmel and Benjamin C which emphasize the detraditionalized, the discontinuous, and the carnivalesque.

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Postmodernism offers a different theoretical grid by which to understand culture in terms that are denationalized and hence deterritorialized. As applied to consumer research, this orientation explicitly disavows the modernist assumption that culture refers to a shared way of life and system of meanings that are indigenous to a specific geographically bounded and nationalized way-of-life and which are uniquely adapted to a specific set of socio-economic conditions.

Rather, consumer culture is conceptualized as a dynamic constellation of diverse practices and transnational flows of meanings, styles, conventions, etc. Appadurai ; Hannerz In these theoretical undertakings, organic conceptions of culture are displaced by constructs C such as pastiche, melange, creolization, or hybridization C that portray a given cultural form as a localized confluence of spatially and temporally diffused transcultural elements:.

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Hybridization is a contribution to a sociology of the in-between, a sociology of the interstices. The goal of this special session was to develop some theoretical and empirical implications following from this postmodern model of culture in relation to some key consumer research constructs. Each presentation showed how an established theoretical construct in consumer research could be reformulated in terms of this postmodern framework.

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He drew from theoretical work challenging the view of self-identity as a stable, self-contained nexus of values, internalized social distinctions, and behavioral predispositions. He proposed that consumer self-identity is better conceptualized as a constellation of consumption practices that coalesce around an ethos of flexibility manifested through cosmopolitan tastes, adaptability to diversity, and the ability to enact a diverse array of identity positions.

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This conception of a flexible consumer identity was compared and contrasted to conventional models of self-identity and the much discussed postmodern construct of the fragmented self. The flexible self model was then used to draw out previously unexplored implications of consumer research on consumption-based subcultures and the phenomenology of consumption meanings.

Chapter I. Calculus for Functions of One Variable

The presentation closed by highlighting several theoretical and pragmatic implications of this postmodern model for conventional marketing approaches to classifying consumers, such as lifestyle segments and PRIZM clusters. She also examined how these cultural productions influenced the negotiation of their ethnic identities. Data from various sources e. Examples of Banach Spaces.

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    Show all. Table of contents 26 chapters Table of contents 26 chapters Prerequisites Pages Limits and Continuity of Functions Pages Differentiability Pages Characteristic Properties of Differentiable Functions. Differential Equations Pages The Banach Fixed Point Theorem.

    The Concept of Banach Space Pages The Theorem of Arzela-Ascoli Pages Integrals and Ordinary Differential Equations Pages Differentiation in Banach Spaces Pages The Implicit Function Theorem. Applications Pages Systems of ODEs Pages Semicontinuous Functions Pages The Lebesgue Integral for Semicontinuous Functions. The Volume of Compact Sets Pages